Tents & accessories

Rent the right tent and accessories for every occasion

We offer a versatile selection of high-quality equipment for tent construction and events, including party sets, tables and practical accessories. Our dedicated team will help you choose the right products and ensure that your event is perfectly equipped.”


Rental prices for festival halls and tents are available at any time on request (zeltbau@volken-group.ch), as they are heavily dependent on the cost, location, access, transportation, type of assembly and rental period.

Large tents / festival halls

Large tents are the ideal solution for hosting large-scale events such as music, gymnastics or wrestling festivals. With their flexible size and sturdy construction, they offer enough space for a large number of guests. The large festival halls are anchored to the ground with pegs. 

Längen: im Raster 5 m (max 60 m)

Breiten: 15 m, 20 m, 25 m, 30 m



Wedding tents

Small tents

Pointed tents / Pagodas

Big tents (Kopie)

Big tents (Kopie) (Kopie)

Big tents (Kopie) (Kopie) (Kopie)

Big tents (Kopie) (Kopie) (Kopie) (Kopie)

Big tents (Kopie) (Kopie) (Kopie) (Kopie) (Kopie)

Big tents (Kopie) (Kopie) (Kopie) (Kopie) (Kopie) (Kopie)

Big tents (Kopie)

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