Processing construction materials at Volken Group

Sand, gravel, crushed gravel, concrete & asphalt from Valais

By taking the right raw materials, appropriately processing them into sand, gravel or crushed gravel, and further processing them into concrete and asphalt, we are able to meet the demand in the areas of underground mining and building construction. Sand and gravel (rounded) are used in our concrete plant to produce the right concrete for our customers. As well as various types of concrete, sand, gravel and crushed gravel can be purchased from us directly ex works.

Formed perfectly: Pre-production concrete products and more.

Gamsen cement product factory

Under second-generation management and integrated into the Volken Group, the cement plant has been transformed into a modern operation. The plant in Gamsen specialises primarily in prefabricated products of the highest quality for civil engineering and building construction: for bridges, roads and special element constructions.


Versatile construction materials from the Rhône

Concrete & gravel plant Pfyn

With its good location in central Valais and wide range of first-class aggregates for concrete and road surfaces, this Volken Group plant is the perfect partner for customers in Upper and Lower Valais. The extracted aggregates are used to produce various types of concrete at the concrete plant.


Large, versatile & efficient

Concrete & pavement plant Leukerfeld

Volken Group's highly modern concrete plant is also its largest and most efficient - and thanks to its location, it is also the most central. The materials produced by the separate pavement plant belonging to our subsidiary Voweg are used to build roads and public open spaces. The aggregates used to produce concrete and asphalt are sourced from the nearby gravel plant in Pfyn.


Unrivaled quality

Gravel plant Massa Bitsch

The highest quality natural raw materials, available by the bucketload. Rocks from the Massa are some of the best mineral construction materials you will find. We use them to create first-rate concrete for the most discerning customers and durable buildings in the whole of Valais.


Sand, humus, unbound mixtures & recycled construction materials

Recycling site Hoh-Gricht

Volken Group produces various unbound mixtures in the hamlet of Hohgricht in Mörel. The site also acts as a collection point for humus and construction materials that can be recycled.


Construction materials from Valaisan nature

Concrete & gravel plant Fieschertal

The plant in Fieschertal produces high-quality concrete aggregates and various types of precast concrete. There we sell aggregates, mortar, fine gravel, stones and humus.


Our price list

You can find our full range of products and specific details in our price list.

Product catalog cement products

From paving slabs, to cheminees for the garden, to cement pipes; in our product catalog you will find all the cement goods we produce at the Gamsen site.

Benefits with the Volken Group

Always local

As we have sites stretching from Salgesch to Goms, we are able to guarantee short transport routes.

Certified as first-rate

Our raw materials are of the highest quality and come from Valais.

Extensive variety

From river gravel to aggregates to various concrete products, we offer a wide range of first-rate construction materials.

Contact persons

Herold Biffiger

Head of Production and Raw Materials

+41 79 859 58 17

+41 27 948 05 05

Martin Volken

Member of the management

+41 79 290 58 09

+41 27 948 05 05