Concrete & gravel plant Fieschertal

Construction materials from Valaisan nature

The plant in Fieschertal produces high-quality concrete aggregates and various types of precast concrete. There we sell aggregates, mortar, fine gravel, stones and humus.

One plant for all types of concrete

The concrete and gravel plant has been in operation since 1970 and was the first of its kind for Volken Group. Over the years, it has continually grown and modernised. The finer raw materials come from the adjacent Wysswasser glacial stream, while the coarser materials come from the nearby area.

3 wash cycles for completely clean sand & gravel

The crushed materials are cleaned for the first time in the washing drum and separated from unwanted components such as wood. They then enter the screening plant, where the various aggregates are extracted and another wash takes place using water. Coarse material is sieved several times, while fine material is separated off after the first sieve. The latter is then directed to the sand screw, where it goes through a last cleaning cycle. Ultimately, the granulation, as well as the mixture, have to be right. The deviation needs to be minimal to ensure that the concrete has the required properties.

First-class concrete aggregates

Concrete is made of aggregates such as sand and gravel that are mixed with water and aggregates and bound with cement. The gradation plays an important role here - it partly determines which properties the concrete will have. Despite increasing digitalisation, at the concrete and gravel plant in Fieschertal, we continue to work with technology that has proved its worth over decades.The hydraulic machines that are driven by compressed air work perfectly to this day, partly because they are optimally maintained and regularly checked.

Everything comes together during the mixing process

The exact quantities of cement, mineral aggregates, chemical additives and water are mixed together in the twin-shaft compulsory mixer. Each type of concrete is carefully prepared according to the formula and leaves the plant in the form of fresh concrete that is immediately ready to be built with.

Digitalisation is taking its course

Plant manager Thomas Schmid has well over 10 years of experience in the production of gravel and concrete products. These days, one of his responsibilities involves supervising the plant. "In the past, everything was mechanically operated. A lot of things were done by hand, even the weighing of the individual components. These days, more and more procedures are fully or partially digital - from the management of the concrete plant to the input of the concrete formulas to quality control. I like learning new skills, and when I have a question, there is always someone here who will be able to provide the answer."


Concrete & gravel plant Fieschertal
Fieschertalstrasse 2
3984 Fieschertal

Tel:  027 / 971 14 81

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Plant opening hours

Monday to Friday:

  • Summer: 07:00 – 12:00 Uhr /  13:00 – 17:00 Uhr
  • Winter: 08:00 – 12:00 Uhr / 13:00 – 17:00 Uhr

Raw materials

Sand 0/4 mm

SN 670 102b - NA / EN 12620

Gravel 4/8 mm

SN 670 102b - NA / EN 12620

Gravel 8/16 mm

SN 670 102b - NA / EN 12620

Gravel 16/32 mm

SN 670 102b - NA / EN 12620

Gravel 30/80mm

Art. Nr. 169

Crushed gravel 4/8mm

SN 670 1026 - NA / EN 13043

Crushed gravel 8/11mm

SN 670 1026 - NA / EN 13043

Crushed gravel 16/22mm

SN 670 1026 - NA / EN 13043

Humus 1st and 2nd class

Unbound mixtures 0/45 mm

SN 670 119a - NA

Benefits with the Volken Group

Always local

As we have sites stretching from Salgesch to Goms, we are able to guarantee short transport routes.

Certified as first-rate

Our raw materials are of the highest quality and come from Valais.

Extensive variety

From river gravel to aggregates to various concrete products, we offer a wide range of first-rate construction materials.

Contact person

Thomas Schmidt

Plant Manager / Mixing Foreman Fieschertal

+41 27 971 14 81