Concrete & pavement plant Leukerfeld

Large, versatile & efficient

Volken Group's highly modern concrete plant is also its largest and most efficient - and thanks to its location, it is also the most central. The materials produced by the separate pavement plant belonging to our subsidiary Voweg are used to build roads and public open spaces. The aggregates used to produce concrete and asphalt are sourced from the nearby gravel plant in Pfyn.

Versatile construction materials from a single source

The wide variety of classic construction materials made using natural resources meet customer needs and are suitable for various constructions. Volken Group produces concrete, mortar, fine gravel, unbound mixtures (incl. recycled construction materials), levelling materials and formation protective layer.

Our own pavement plant

Whether it be a motorway, a cantonal road, an access road, a public space or a garage entrance, the efficient pavement plant produces everything needed for a smooth placing process, producing approximately 240 tonnes of asphalt per hour. This road surfacing plant is run by our subsidiary Voweg, a Valaisan specialist in road and pavement construction and repair.

Each aggregate mixture has different properties

The mixtures are produced with help from an electronic control system. This mixes the individual components of the asphalt mixture to produce the desired composition.To achieve this, the required amounts of the mineral compounds are first added to the drying drum. Next, the surplus fine dust, known as filler, needs to be separated from the mixture using a dust extraction unit. The pre-measured mineral mixture leaves the drying drum and enters the mixing plant. There the warm mineral compounds are measured precisely. Once the desired composition of the mineral grain has been achieved using the scales, the preheated bitumen is injected into the mixing container and mixed with the mineral compounds. Finally, the fresh mixture is loaded onto the lorry using loading silos.

Concrete without long waiting times

Time is money. Efficient employees, 2 compulsory mixers - each with a capacity of 2.5 cubic metres - highly modern technologies and large silos guarantee that every customer receives their concrete in a fast and efficient manner in Leukerfeld. The first-rate mixtures fulfil the specific requirements of every construction site.

Natural raw materials from the Rhône near Pfyn

The gravel plant in Pfyn is located just a few kilometres away. This is where Volken Group sources all the first-rate aggregates that it uses in Leukerfeld to produce concrete and road surfaces. A sophisticated logistics system ensures that the products arrive in a punctual and reliable manner.

Concrete for any conceivable project

As well as conventional concrete, here we also produce special types of concrete such as steel fibre reinforced concrete, coloured concrete, SCC and cement-based floating screed. This variety is made possible by various aggregates, large cement silos and experienced specialists.

Mineral materials are treated

Recycling allows valuable raw materials to be used over and over again - including mineral construction waste. That protects both our resources and the environment. At our plant in Leukerfeld, we recycle materials such as old covering, excavated materials, concrete and mixed demolition waste.

Sort, separate, dispose of and deposit

Used materials that are delivered to the plant in Leukerfeld and cannot be recycled are disposed of by Volken Group in a professional and environmentally friendly way - either at our own waste disposal site or with a partner company specialised in this area. The collection point also accepts waste such as scrap iron and wood, flammable goods, Eternit and tyres.


Leukerfeld plant
3952 Susten

Tel:  027 / 473 45 48

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Plant opening hours

Monday to Friday:

  • Summer: 07:00 – 12:00 Uhr /  13:00 – 17:00 Uhr
  • Winter: 08:00 – 12:00 Uhr / 13:00 – 17:00 Uhr

Products from the Leukerfeld plant

You can purchase gravel and sand (mixtures) as well as rocks and humus from us directly ex works. Colours and materials can vary depending on the plant. You can find more of our products in our price list.

Sand 0/4 mm

SN 670 102b - NA / EN 12620

Gravel 4/8 mm

SN 670 102b - NA / EN 12620

Gravel 8/16 mm

SN 670 102b - NA / EN 12620

Gravel 16/32 mm

SN 670 102b - NA / EN 12620

Gravel 30/80mm

Art. Nr. 169

Crushed gravel 4/8mm

SN 670 1026 - NA / EN 13043

Crushed gravel 8/11mm

SN 670 1026 - NA / EN 13043

Crushed gravel 16/22mm

SN 670 1026 - NA / EN 13043

Humus 1st and 2nd class

Unbound mixtures 0/45 mm

SN 670 119a - NA

Our price list

Benefits with the Volken Group

Always local

As we have sites stretching from Salgesch to Goms, we are able to guarantee short transport routes.

Certified as first-rate

Our raw materials are of the highest quality and come from Valais.

Extensive variety

From river gravel to aggregates to various concrete products, we offer a wide range of first-rate construction materials.