Mobile processing of raw materials

Stone, gravel & sand in every format

Volken Group specialists know exactly how to process mineral materials on site. We take great care to ensure that we fulfil the requirements of the Ordinance on the Avoidance and the Disposal of Waste (ADWO), as well as all environmental standards. To do so, we use mobile plants such as impact and jaw crushers, as well as various screening machines.


A crushing and screening powerhouse

This Volken Group combi plant can process up to 400 tonnes of materials an hour using an impact mill and a screening plant. In a single operation, it crushes the stones and sorts them into 2, 3 or 4 different components. It takes up less space than separate machines would, and it can move with crawlers and be transported by low-loading truck. Additionally, both processes can be combined, or it can be used purely as a crusher.

Trained eyes play their part

The machine operator cannot simply fill the mobile crushing and screening plants with any material. Without a trained eye, the end products will not meet the requirements. The secret to loading the machine is to use an optimal ratio of coarse raw materials and finer ones. The excavator operator of such a machine needs to also be able to service it. If more comprehensive plant maintenance is required, a mechanic is called in.

Also in action on construction sites

Most of the time, we use the mobile processing plants at our own reloading sites and recycling centres, as well as our gravel plants. However, if needed, we also transport them to construction sites by low-loading truck. This allows the material to be processed on site and then built with. That saves long travel times and is environmentally friendly. For that reason, our crushing and screening plants often assist in the construction of protective embankments and rockfall protection systems.

Only the construction materials laboratory can give the green light

The processed material from construction sites is either mixed by the wheel loader or taken away and stored temporarily after the components have been separated. During certain projects, such as the construction of flood protection embankments, the client specifies how the materials should be combined. Volken Group then checks these specifications by carrying out regular quality checks of the relevant screening curves.

More about our construction materials laboratory

The most versatile products & components

Are you in need of sand, gravel or crushed stone? Do you require combined or larger materials? With various screen sizes and mixtures with a wide range of components, Volken Group can provide you with versatile products.

Would you like to find out more about what a mobile processing plant can do? We would be happy to tell you more about the advantages of our products, plants and waste disposal sites.

Benefits with the Volken Group

Always local

As we have sites stretching from Salgesch to Goms, we are able to guarantee short transport routes.

Certified as first-rate

Our raw materials are of the highest quality and come from Valais.

Extensive variety

From river gravel to aggregates to various concrete products, we offer a wide range of first-rate construction materials.