Conversions and renovations

Expert renovations that preserve values

Every time a square metre of land is built on, valuable space disappears. This is also the case in the canton of Valais. Conversions, renovations and restorations are becoming ever more important to avert the threat posed by the increasing scarcity of land, to use older buildings for as long as possible and to better protect against forces of nature such as earthquakes and floods. Volken Group has been taking care of these tasks for private customers, businesses and the public sector for decades.

Renovating also means preserving traditions

Protecting, nurturing and maintaining that which our ancestors created is an undertaking that is also close to Volken Group's heart. Our projects are influenced both by our interest in the protection of heritage and traditional construction technology that only a few experts have mastered. In this way, the intrinsic and extrinsic values of even the most ancient buildings can be preserved.

From a stable to a living space

Many older buildings no longer comply with modern requirements. For example, their owners may want to use them in a different way. Often, massive works are needed, including in the interior. Our specialists know how to elevate rooms using new floor slabs, correctly erect partition walls, install insulation and properly lay pipes.

With expertise & finesse

Carrying out conversions, renovations and restorations is complex work. That is why our site supervisors and foremen are extremely careful and put their extensive experience to use - both in existing, partially occupied buildings and dilapidated properties. Volken Group also supports its customers with logistics and technology. This ensures that the projects are undertaken in an organised and safe way.

Everything from a single provider makes it easier for everyone

Whether redevelopment and renovation of residential house, stable, garage or facade, whether extension, expansion or environmental work: The Volken Group plans, coordinates and carries out all types of conversions. As a client, you have only one contact person and can rely on an offer that is as complete as it is proven: We build scaffolding and erect supports, we form, reinforce and concrete, we raise stone and cement walls, we plaster and paint walls, we remove soil and humus or old building substances, we create paths and design outdoor spaces.


Renovate the outside and thus also protect internal values

Nothing is built to last forever. Even if no damage is apparent at first glance, many a facade has lost some of its substance over the course of time. Strongly fluctuating temperatures and other influences take their toll on every building. Small cracks become larger, water can penetrate, freeze and lead to corrosion. In addition to the plaster, this also blows off parts of the facade, makes buildings leaky and even attacks reinforcements. As a specialist in facade renovation and refurbishment, the Volken Group works on large and small building envelopes and ensures that they also make a good visual impression.

Where machines cannot find a place, manual labor is needed

Converting or refurbishing an existing building may be less expensive than demolition and new construction. But such projects are very complex and require extensive preparatory work. In addition to space for cranes or large construction machines, the original construction plans are often missing. Therefore, unforeseen things can come to light at any time. A lot of physical work and flexible thinking are required here, because technical aids can only be used to a limited extent. This also applies to concreting: Instead of steel framed formwork, the Volken Group relies on conventional formwork panels, aluminum or PP formwork.

More quality of life also for the elderly and disabled

Extend a living room, modernize the bathroom or convert the attic? Installing partition walls or bringing old walls up to scratch, both statically and visually? The planners and doers of the Volken Group implement every wish - of course, always in accordance with applicable standards and changing requirements in terms of safety, better accessibility and barrier-free access.

Safety and modernity make school, for example in Susten

To ensure that our public buildings remain open to future generations for a long time to come, their building fabric must be maintained, preserved and, where necessary, earthquake-proofed. This was also on the agenda for the Susten school building. Here, the Volken Group carried out a holistic renovation, including work on the floors and walls, the roof and the façade. The interior stairs were left in place and an elevator was added to the building for better accessibility. Its shaft also serves as a stabilizing core element against earthquakes. At the same time, the gymnasium was extended and the playground up to the bus stop was redesigned with environmental work.

Benefits with the Volken Group

Effective networks

We maintain strong relationships with partners, suppliers and customers.

Open to different cultures

Our teams consist of people from all over the world who work hand in hand with one another.

Open to innovation

Everyone plays a part in our company. For us, new ideas drive progress.

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