Residential construction by the Volken Group

Quality of life at all levels

Our residential buildings can be found everywhere people enjoy living. Whether it's an attractive single-family home, a luxurious villa or a spacious apartment building, the living space that the Volken Group builds every year throughout the canton of Valais is impressive and meets the needs of young and old alike.

We implement any plan

Of course, the Volken Group's wide range of products and services includes contract work, even if we act as a general or turnkey contractor. By far the largest part of our work, however, is our own construction work. Valuable information and a great deal of technical know-how flow into every residential construction project, which our customers greatly appreciate.

Hand in hand with all departments within the company

Even with tight deadlines, we keep our appointments. On the one hand, we are optimally organized. On the other hand, our structural engineering department can access the resources of other departments at any time. This also benefits our customers. They greatly appreciate the fact that we are backed up by other construction experts within the company when needed. For example, we work hand in hand with civil engineering, road construction and pavement engineering, and on special projects with specialists for anchor and shotcrete work. Thanks to this approach, we implement even unforeseeable but necessary measures efficiently and without additional coordination, simply and on time.

Our partners also deliver what we promise

In most cases, we construct residential properties through joint ventures in construction and in close cooperation with long-term partner companies. Building services engineering or electrical installation, heating, ventilation or plumbing: Proven companies help guarantee the implementation of first-class projects – with a smooth construction process and flawless execution. We will continue to pursue this strategy. In addition, we want to build even more contemporary buildings in the future. For example, smart and intelligently networked residential buildings in which lighting, heating, ventilation and other elements, right down to the charging station in the garage, can be controlled via a tablet. "Digitization takes us a step further and gives our customers a better quality of life," says Stefan Volken, member of the Executive Board.


Turnkey primarily means problem-free

Hand over the job to us and relax. The Volken Group takes the helm and handles the entire process – from the feasibility study and land purchase to shell construction, finishing and handover. We see ourselves as your partner and create living areas for every generation and every requirement. You can count on first-class quality at all times, for rental apartments as well as for properties for sale. The floor plans are also impressive: The Volken Group always works with the same local architects. In addition, we do not compromise on acoustics or sound insulation. All rooms of a residential property are assessed for sound and noise emissions by independent specialists and implemented accordingly.

Wohnbau mit der Volken Group | Gabriel Wyssen | MFH BrigerbärgWohnbau mit der Volken Group | Gabriel Wyssen | MFH Brigerbärg

Wohnbau mit der Volken Group | Gabriel Wyssen | MFH Brigerbärg

Years of experience & solid training as a foundation

Proven specialists and experienced craftsmen are the be-all and end-all on any construction site, and well-trained apprentices are just as important. In addition, the quality of a building is based on constant further training of all those involved in its construction. Ultimately, it is also the foremen, supervisors and construction managers who lead us into the future. That is why the Volken Group attaches great importance to employees who want to advance in their profession and supports them in doing so.

Wohnbau mit der Volken Group | MFH BrigerbärgWohnbau mit der Volken Group | MFH Brigerbärg

Wohnbau mit der Volken Group | MFH Brigerbärg

Big enough to react quickly & flexibly

Several plants throughout the Upper Valais and an extensive fleet of vehicles make us very mobile. This allows the Volken Group to react spontaneously even in the most unplanned events and to minimize downtime. If, for example, a special component that was cast in one piece does not meet the requirements, our own concrete plants take over the job. During the Corona pandemic, it also became apparent that the internal staff scheduling system could easily find replacements when entire construction teams had to be quarantined or employees fell ill.

Benefits with the Volken Group

A contact person

Whether it be excavation support, shell construction, or scaffolding, a contact person will be there to assist you.

End-to-end shell construction

From the foundation stone to the roof ridge, our departments take responsibility for every stage of construction.

First-rate partner companies

Our close cooperations with long-standing partners from the architecture, building technology and electrical installation sectors help us to create first-rate living spaces.

Contact persons

Erhard Burgener

Head of Civil Engineering
Member of the Executive Board

+41 79 744 68 16

+41 27 948 05 48

Stefan Volken

Member of the management

+41 79 658 63 33

+41 27 948 05 05