Underlays & CTF floors from Volken

Everyone is into it, including trade & industry

Is your new residential or commercial building lacking floors? Would you like to renovate a cement screed from scratch or convert a workshop? The screeds from the Volken Group are convincing at every level. Either as a coloured and sanded final floor covering or as a basis for plattli, laminate and parquet floors. Here, our work ensures that all loads act evenly on the actual floor. In addition, pipes for the heating system, including impact sound insulation, can be installed in an underlay, which noticeably increases the quality of living.

One for all: The CTF floor

With the cementitious floor screed (CTF), the Volken Group is setting new standards for modern construction in the Valais. Directly from the truck mixer and in controlled quality, the CTF arrives at the construction site in the exact quantity ordered - without shovelling, mixing and without requiring additional space. The cement flow screed is a high-quality and economical solution for a wide variety of application sites. At the same time, they benefit from a first-class finish in accordance with standard SIA 251: 2008.

CTF application as:

  • floating screed on separation length
  • floating screed on insulation
  • heated screed
  • bonded screed

Application CTF for:

  • Residential construction, offices, banks, hospitals, retirement homes, etc.
  • Industry and commercial construction
  • Renovation and refurbishment
  • Coloured and sanded as final covering

What speaks for & against CTF flooring:


  • Flat screed surfaces due to flowable installation consistency
  • Fast construction progress due to high installation performance
  • Very good sound insulation properties
  • Ergonomic installation
  • Sustainable and ecological thanks to regional aggregates
  • Suitable for all screed constructions indoors and for all subsequent coverings


  • Breakdowns or edge depressions
  • Smaller field sizes, joints
  • No slope formation

Meeting the highest demands

Each type of screed has its own composition, a special consistency and therefore different properties. We install the following screeds for you:

  • Cement flowing screeds (CTF)
  • Cement screeds (CT)
  • Calcium sulphate screeds (CA)
  • Calcium sulphate flowing screeds (CAF)
  • Hard concrete screeds
  • Coloured screeds as end coverings
  • Terrazzo screeds
  • Foamed concrete
  • Polystyrene concrete

Technical information & heating protocols

The floors never come first

As soon as the structural work and building installations have been completed on a project, work begins on the underlays. The Volken Group produces the CTF screed in its own modern concrete plant in Leukerfeld using regional aggregates and transports it to the installation site using truck mixers.

Before installation comes testing

Poured screed is transported into the building by a special concrete pump - from the ground floor to the top floors. But before it is even transported to the construction site, we test it for the first time in the concrete plant. After approval, the CTF is delivered to the installation site in the correct consistency "ready to flow and pump". During the installation, a second check is carried out. These quality controls are carried out by our internal building materials laboratory.

From the best source: our cement-based flowing screed

After constant exchange and technical discussions with architects, engineers, planners and builders, it has become clear that the desire for a "liquid" cement screed is omnipresent. Thanks to our strong partners and our great know-how in concrete production, we have managed to offer a flowable, fibre-reinforced cement flow screed (CTF) according to SIA 251: 2008. These can be placed effortlessly and dry out much faster due to their lower water content.

Sika, our strong Swiss partner

For cement-based screeds to have a perfect consistency, a great deal of know-how and experience must go into their production. This was exactly the case when the Volken Group developed the CTF floor screed in close cooperation with Sika Switzerland. The result is a fibre-reinforced, cement-based floor screed that we produce ourselves at our concrete plant in Leukerfeld.

Over 1200 square metres a day

When our specially trained and well-coordinated team gets to work, up to 1200 square metres of cement-based screed are installed by the end of the day. This is done so quickly because several workers are at work at any one time and the screed is very flowable and easy to handle. While the screed is being laid, we constantly check the height of the covering by buffing it with a so-called buffing bar.

Pipes plus insulation are ready

Before we lay the screed, building technicians install the underfloor heating and the thermal and sound insulation. Sometimes a barrier against rising damp is added. The cement flow screed encloses the pipes on the insulation all around and covers them completely - thanks to its perfect consistency without hollow spots and at the right height.

Always based on precision

The height of the screed is specified and must be maintained exactly. That is why we check the height with a laser device during the entire installation. This is because at this stage we can intervene and easily correct any deviations.

Buffing bar

During the placement of the cement flow screed, the amount placed is worked with a buffing bar. This removes trapped air bubbles and results in a beautifully horizontal and flat surface of the floor covering.

Finally, the finishing touches are applied

1-2 days after installation, the cleaning sanding is done. This sanding removes the sintered layer, accelerates the drying process and makes the covering even smoother. Once the screed is dry, our work is also finished. As soon as the drying process has reached the desired level, other craftsmen lay the parquet or tile floor. Sometimes the screed is also the final covering. Then, depending on your wishes and requirements, further sanding and sealing are carried out.

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