The civil engineering of the Volken Group

We plan, build & maintain infrastructures

As a reliable partner, we realise projects even in minimised time frames and within the framework of increasing demands on safety and quality. The Volken Group combines great competence and long experience with maximum flexibility and versatility. We invest continuously in staff training, the latest technologies, and modern inventory. This means we are optimally equipped and able to meet even the most demanding requirements at any time. In addition, our internal logistics also function smoothly - thanks to our own plants for concrete, gravel, and asphalt, including material preparation, landfills, and temporary storage areas. All this guarantees the safe execution of multi-layered civil engineering projects that are designed to last.

Road construction

Our society has never been this mobile. In 2020, there were approximately 6.2 million registered motor vehicles in Switzerland alone, and public transport has also been gathering



Filling dams, digging trenches, and moving soil are among the core competencies of the Volken Group. Thanks to our versatile and experienced staff, high-tech support, and


Hydraulic engineering

As rainfall has become quantifiably more common and noticeably heavier throughout Switzerland in the last few decades, water-run off is continually increasing. As a result,


Railway and track construction

With the Volken Group, public transport also stays on track: In railroad track construction, we coordinate and implement a wide range of projects, from minor renovation work


Infrastructure construction

For our modern society to continue to function smoothly, it is dependent on first-class infrastructure. The Volken Group also specializes in this field - regardless of whether


Repair work

Where slopes descend, water penetrates or corrosion sets in, where vehicles drive through continuously and heavy traffic increases steadily, structures can be heavily stressed


Demolition work

In many places where new buildings are being constructed, old ones have to give way. Especially in residential areas, where building sites are becoming scarcer year after year


Vantaggi con il gruppo Volken

A contact person

Whether it be excavation support, shell construction, or scaffolding, a contact person will be there to assist you.

Effective networks

We maintain strong relationships with partners, suppliers and customers.

Modern machinery

We use the newest machines and happily take advantage of high tech.

Contact persons

Erhard Burgener

Head of Civil Engineering
Member of the Executive Board

+41 79 744 68 16

+41 27 948 05 48

Stefan Volken

Member of the management

+41 79 658 63 33

+41 27 948 05 05