Earthworks with the Volken Group

We move earth with centimetre precision & a lot of feeling

Filling dams, digging trenches, and moving soil are among the core competencies of the Volken Group. Thanks to our versatile and experienced staff, high-tech support, and powerful machinery, we offer comprehensive services for earthworks, transport, and storage of excavated material and more.

Cubic metre by cubic metre fully under control

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, we realise complex excavation work as well as important protective structures such as dams. The projects are based on geo-referenced data and do not require detailed staking out in the field. With a variety of light and heavy equipment as well as our own transporters, the earthworks teams of the Volken Group easily master even the most demanding logistical challenges. Last but not least, with our transfer stations and final storage facilities for various materials, we also ensure that accumulating natural resources are reprocessed, recycled, or safely disposed of.


Our Goliath from Sweden

With an arm up to 23 metres long, 226 kilowatts of power, and a lifting capacity of around 16 tonnes, this large excavator is primarily used for demolition work. Equipped with a shorter arm, it is also ideal for earthworks. Its bucket holds up to 2.5 cubic metres of material and ensures maximum efficiency even in large excavation jobs.

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Every machinist has his own personal excavator

The Volken Group's machine operators are all seasoned professionals who can handle their excavators weighing several tonnes as well as voluminous soil with rubble. In addition to Beat Garbely, who will have 34 years of professional experience in 2022, we employ several more passionate excavator operators. Not only do they operate their machines skilfully, but they are also responsible for regular care and maintenance, such as lubrication and oil replenishment. No wonder each of them is proud of his own vehicle; most of them only climb into the driver's cab with clean shoes.


Digital helpers from outer space take the controls

Sometimes only a few centimetres are decisive in an excavation. So what could be more obvious than to equip the latest generation of excavators with satellite-based navigation systems such as GPS and GLONASS? Before digging, the construction profile is stored in the system, so the machine operator can see the progress of the excavation at any time later. The 10-inch touch screen also shows the exact bucket position and leveling depth. This significantly increases accuracy, boosts productivity, and prevents digging too deep or in the wrong place. This gain in efficiency saves both time and fuel. In addition, the machine operator no longer excavates layer by layer but digs directly to the desired depth without re-measurements. In addition, this highly precise procedure hardly damages any drinking water pipes or cable shafts.

Humus, a gift from Mother Nature

Humus is often removed during earthworks. As an important component of topsoil, it is part of the soil's organic matter. Humus contains microorganisms such as soil bacteria and fungi that make it very valuable and extremely fertile. That is why the Volken Group removes it with dumpers or trucks. After temporary storage in our plants, it can be reused as needed - in near-natural landscapes, gardens, or recultivation.

Hard workers who hardly get enough

Large quantities of soil have to be moved to build flood protection dams or rockfall protection dams in many places. On construction sites, this is usually done by large, articulated dump trucks that, thanks to their all-wheel drive, can even cope with steep and unpaved roads. These dumpers have an enormous load capacity and a unique wide body shape, allowing excavators and wheel loaders to distribute the load evenly.

Wheel excavator

Agile & nimble team players

Wheeled excavators, also called wheeled excavators, move at up to 30 km/h and are thus much faster than tracked models. On the one hand, they take on excavation work, and on the other hand, they also partly handle material logistics. To do this, the transport load is attached to the excavator's arm with chains or ropes. Their speed has another advantage: if crawler excavators have to be brought to the construction site with a low-loader, wheeled excavators usually drive themselves, which noticeably simplifies their handling and reduces costs.

From sieve buckets to excavator magnets

Attachments for everything imaginable

Our excavators are multifunctional and can be equipped with various attachments. The quick-change system allows you to use either a universal bucket or a hydraulic hammer, a pulveriser or a sorting grapple, an excavator magnet, or a sieve bucket. The latter separates the excavated material from stones directly on the construction site.

Preliminary work is always done by heads that think for themselves

Earthworks are complex and require sophisticated preparation. Often the construction machine operators have an important say and take on the role of a competent discussion partner. Their suggestions and proposals always flow into the construction process - especially around excavation work with tight space conditions. Here, it must be clearly defined where to start, how to regulate the access, and whether a gravel surface must be constructed for this purpose.

Benefits with the Volken Group

A contact person

Whether it be excavation support, shell construction, or scaffolding, a contact person will be there to assist you.

Modern machinery

We use the newest machines and happily take advantage of high tech.

Proven specialists

Whether it be structural or civil engineering, hydraulic engineering or scaffolding, our specialists are masters of their trade.

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