Hydraulic engineering at Volken Group

Specialists in embankments, stream corrections & reclamation

As rainfall has become quantifiably more common and noticeably heavier throughout Switzerland in the last few decades, water-run off is continually increasing. As a result, flood protection and suitable constructions are becoming ever more important, including in Valais. Stream corrections in existing river and stream beds make a difference, as does the building of various protective structures. Additionally, reclamations reduce the negative effects of hydropower use. Volken Group uses its valuable experience in all these areas.

Wasserbau Raspille | Volken GroupWasserbau Raspille | Volken Group

Wasserbau Raspille | Volken Group

On site quickly, including in emergencies

Whether you are confronted with heavy rain in summer, intense snowmelt or a sudden overflow of water, Volken Group assists quickly in every emergency, helping to mitigate the damage caused by floods within hours, depending on the location. To do so, we use suitable equipment that can be quickly transported.

Point of contact in an emergency

Naturally flowing: the Raspille between Salgesch and Sierre.

Sustainable hydraulic engineering is also one of Volken Group's areas of expertise. Evidence of that is provided by the reclaimed Raspille river at its junction with the Rhône as well as 4 hectares of land in the Pfynwald conservation area that were restored to their original state.

Wasserbau Raspille | Volken GroupWasserbau Raspille | Volken Group

Wasserbau Raspille | Volken Group

Restoring nature, hectare by hectare

In accordance with the federal government's guidelines, new river landscapes stretching over 40,000 m2 have been created at the threshold between Upper and Lower Valais - a welcome habitat for microbes, fish and birds as well as flowers, shrubbery and trees.

Volken Group's team in Visp was responsible for the 850-metre-long revitalisation at the effluent of the Raspille, including the isle, flood protection embankment and a new bridge for pedestrians and cyclists. The project was completed between November 2020 and May 2021, as the Rhône carries less water in winter and the snowmelt does not occur until Spring.


Every stone in the right place

Much finesse is required to ensure that the gripper pliers on the excavator can transport every stone on the bankside to the correct place. That is the only way that the stones weighing tonnes can be closely arranged and wedged among one another. That stabilises the bank and protects it from erosion.

Wasserbau Raspille  | CAT330F | Volken GroupWasserbau Raspille | CAT330F | Volken Group

Wasserbau Raspille | CAT330F | Volken Group

At home in Valais and when developing flood protection solutions

We know Valais from top to bottom and have put in place numerous flood protection measures throughout the canton. With well-trained employees, suitable machinery and highly modern construction technology, our construction company is a specialist in all areas of hydraulic engineering.


Protecting future generations

Volken Group also contributed significantly to Switzerland's largest flood protection project. Between 2015 and 2017, no less than 210,000 cubic metres of materials were excavated and over 60,000 tonnes of stones were built with between Lalden and Visp. The stones were combined with non-woven material, coir matting and plants. The long-term project, which cost 2.6 billion Swiss francs, protects approximately 100,000 people, prevents potential flood damage with an estimated cost of up to 10 billion Swiss francs, and includes buildings that span a length of approximately 162 kilometres. That also benefits nature in and around the Rhône.


Our work speaks for itself

HWS KW Electro Massa


A new wall is being built as flood protection for the flushing. The existing flood embankment is removed and the material is installed together with the surplus material between the switchgear and the canal. During the excavation work, the cables with voltages of up to 16 kV remain in operation.

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