Infrastructure construction with the Volken Group

We develop near & far areas

For our modern society to continue to function smoothly, it is dependent on first-class infrastructure. The Volken Group also specializes in this field - regardless of whether a train station is being expanded or a community center is being built, whether a gas pipeline is being laid or an electricity pylon is being raised, whether new roads are being built or old tunnels are being renovated. Projects we execute meet the most stringent requirements. Our infrastructure construction teams are highly experienced, work methodically and have a thorough understanding of the complex requirements of public construction processes.

Full power for more energy

Building new power grids or expanding existing ones is becoming increasingly important. The Volken Group is used to constructing transmission lines even in the most remote locations or on the steepest terrain under the most difficult conditions. We rely on highly specialized and sensitized employees as well as the appropriate equipment to ensure that no one is deprived of electricity. If special safety measures are required in the excavation area, we can always fall back on in-house solutions. This is an advantage that has often benefited our versatile customers.

Trench and channel construction by the Volken Group

Connect, network & merge

The Volken Group develops every conceivable terrain - from large-scale industrial sites and snow-making facilities in tourist areas to public or private properties. Thanks to our reliability, high standards of quality and wide range of services, no one in the Valais is deprived of gas or water.

Our walking excavators

Agile as a spider going into the depths as well

The walking excavator, also called a spider excavator, handles earthworks effortlessly even on steep terrain. Its great advantage is its two hydraulically extendable support legs. This makes it an indispensable tool, especially in the Valais. Another reason is that our special machines from Menzi Muck and Kaiser, weighing up to 10 tons, can be converted with a carriage for drilling work. A difficult and demanding piece of equipment to operate, reserved only for experienced and courageous machinists.

Public buildings that appeal to all

For decades, the Volken Group has been building public structures for municipalities and the canton that fulfill a wide variety of tasks - for the employees and visitors alike. To ensure that everything runs smoothly from planning to handover, we rely on a sophisticated planning concept and versatile experience. As a result of the ever-increasing urbanization of conurbations, construction sites with limited space are becoming more frequent, and materials and components are often delivered and installed just in time.

Paving the way also for our children's children

Whether we are rehabilitating bridges and tunnels on the Simplon Pass or helping to complete the highway in Valais: Together with partner companies, the Volken Group executes the largest road projects in the canton in joint ventures. The picture shows the challenging excavation in loose rock at the highway section of " Riedberg", where we are the supplier of special steel fiber concrete. As this construction site runs in shifts, our concrete mixers deliver the steel fiber concrete to the tunnel construction site early in the morning until late in the evening. This is another way for our company to prove that we are a reliable partner when large-scale national infrastructure projects are executed.

On schedule: Building for public transport

Thanks to us, passenger and freight trains also run on time and without interruption. Decades of experience in building construction and civil engineering are the best basis for carrying out major construction projects in first-class quality, including those for the public sector.

Benefits with the Volken Group

A contact person

Whether it be excavation support, shell construction, or scaffolding, a contact person will be there to assist you.

Modern machinery

We use the newest machines and happily take advantage of high tech.

Proven specialists

Whether it be structural or civil engineering, hydraulic engineering or scaffolding, our specialists are masters of their trade.

Contact persons

Erhard Burgener

Head of Civil Engineering
Member of the Executive Board

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Stefan Volken

Member of the management

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