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Linking, connecting and bridging gaps

Our society has never been this mobile. In 2020, there were approximately 6.2 million registered motor vehicles in Switzerland alone, and public transport has also been gathering speed. It is no wonder that we are always in need of more roads, bridges and tunnels, as well as various types of maintenance work in the existing transport network. Volken Group has been working successfully in this sector for decades.

Thanks to our professionals, everyone is cruising

New traffic routes constantly have to be built, repaired or expanded on a local, regional and national level. Usually, traffic links need to be maintained during the construction period - even when there is a high volume of traffic. That requires much foresight, extensive experience with logistics, planning, and high standards of safety.

Constructing roads involves adapting

Flat road layouts are easy to build. In Valais, that is often only possible on the valley floor. Mountain roads require special slope reinforcements. In dangerous areas prone to rockfall or avalanches, they often also need tunnels, avalanche protectors and bridges. That is why Volken Group's road builders work closely with specialists in other areas of civil engineering. Valuable insights are primarily provided by the field of earthworks. This assists in the preparation of the terrain prior to road construction. Experienced specialists from the fields of bridge and tunnel construction are just as important. They are versatile engineers and experienced construction workers.

Foundations, dewatering & pavements pave the way

As a final surface, asphalt is always added to a suitable foundation. The geology in this tunnel required a uniform floor slab averaging 1 metre in length. The dewatering systems were built on these slabs. This is crucial, as during road constructions surface water must be prevented from intruding and damaging the construction. That is why in many places roads are built on a small gradient that enables dewatering from the middle or from the right or left edge. Kerbs, i.e. pavements, are also necessary. They separate road traffic from foot traffic and also prevent cars, busses and lorries from coming off the road.

Roadbed material to protect against frost and damage

Roadbed material is used between the foundation and the surface. It is usually an unbound mixture that protects against damage as well as frost and thawing in winter. The water freezes in the cavities. In this way, it cannot raise or damage the asphalt layer above it.

Road surfaces produced in-house

The surface with base material, adhesive layer and surface layer lies on the substructure. All the surfaces that we use in the roads we construct come from our own surfacing plant in Leukerfeld and are built with by our subsidiary Voweg.

More about pavement construction

No retaining wall lasts forever

Road constructions and their foundations and retaining walls have to endure a lot. Condensation can cause just as much wear as substances that damage concrete, such as chloride in road salt. The weight of heavy vehicles for the carriage of freight also plays a part. All these things constantly cause wear to the constructions, requiring both repairs and new constructions.

Claddings are also visually appealing

The better a construction blends in with its surroundings, the more natural materials it contains. That can also be seen with road constructions. Components that are clad in stone do not stand out as much as exposed concrete walls. That is why clients often request clad retaining walls. Inside them, a reinforced concrete wall is erected, but from the outside all you can see is the covering with natural stone.

Traditional craftsmanship retains its place

Cladding a retaining wall requires highly skilled craftsmanship. Not just anyone can do it. That is why selected experts at Volken Group take on these challenging tasks involving natural products. They are the only ones who are capable of properly processing stone after stone.

Maintaining both small and large roads

Minor roads and rarely used traffic routes also require maintenance. This enables them to fulfil their purpose for years to come and provide the necessary level of safety to those who use them. That also applies to unpaved forest roads. In this case, Volken Group either repairs the watering system or rebuilds it. If rainfall cannot drain off, significant damage can occur, as the water leaves deep ruts in the road or washes away large sections.

We happily accompany you to ensure that you stay on track

Whether it be moving roads or linking bridges, bringing your constructions to life is always a challenge. Our road builders are optimally trained and highly competent. With years of experience and highly modern equipment, they ensure that people and freight arrive safely in even the most remote locations. At Volken Group, all departments work hand in hand with one another. That makes us very flexible, even in the short-term. It also makes us a reliable partner in the construction of traffic routes of all sizes and types throughout Valais.

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