Road & pavement construction with the Volken Group

Make way for traffic & pedestrians

Mobility sets the pace for us; without it, neither progress nor the future would be conceivable. Fast, direct connections bring people together and important goods to every corner of Switzerland – including Valais. In addition, roads embody freedom and individuality. Here, too, the Volken Group makes a valuable contribution with pavement and road construction work.

Order surfacing

With the enclosed order form you can send your order directly to our pavement plant. We require you to place the orders for the following day before 2 p.m.

Proprietary pavement plant in Leukerfeld

All rolled asphalt used by the Volken Group and its subsidiary Voweg for roads and squares comes from the company's plant in Susten. Our mixes are produced with recycled mineral materials that are obtained during the demolition and milling of existing roads. Once the desired composition is achieved, we feed the preheated bitumen into the mixing tank and mix it with the mineral aggregate. Our 4 high-performance Thermosilos produce around 240 tons of asphalt per hour.

Concrete & pavement plant Leukerfeld

Roads, paths & squares at their best

Whether it' s a highway, a cantonal road or a neighborhood road, a forecourt or surroundings: The Volken Group and its subsidiary Voweg in Visp build for the public sector, trade and industry and private individuals. Thanks to well-founded experience and great technical know-how, versatile machinery and our own asphalt mixing plant, we guarantee independent and economical construction work. In addition, we have been ISO-certified since 2009 and are audited annually.

Wet conditions and rain slow down the work

Whille experience, precision and dexterity play a central role in pavement construction, a dry substrate is equally important. Only then do the base, binder and top layers interlock seamlessly and bond optimally. Wet substrates must first be dried and cleaned before the bitumen can be spread on them. In order to apply the surfacing, a core temperature of over 100 Celsius is a prerequisite; any degree below this will lead to problems.

It delivers what it promises - even at the paving temperature of asphalt

Our Scania R500 XT 8x4 is the perfect vehicle for paving hot asphalt. On the one hand, it has an optimized tipping geometry for well-dosed placing. On the other hand, its maximum robust Moser CONICBOX is fully insulated and thus guarantees that the transported asphalt maintains the desired temperature for hours.

Best performance layer by layer

In Valais, we deploy 4 large teams, each of which performs first-class work and brings sufficient expertise to the job. Paving is a demanding activity in which everything interlocks. In addition to qualified employees, perfect organization is also required. Once the weather is right and the preparatory work has been completed, everything has to go quickly and every detail has to be right. As soon as the pavers are running, they must not be stopped. Otherwise, waves are created that reduce the quality and do not meet the standards. After all, the tolerance range for 10 cm of pavement is only 15%.

With asphalt you can also show your colors

Colorful pavements on streets and squares? The Volken Group can offer you that too, but at a higher price. On the one hand, additives such as rubber, paint or other materials cost more. On the other hand, colored pavements are more complicated to handle: They can only be paved mechanically because they are extremely adhesive and cool down within minutes. Should the slightest mistake be made during installation, the material has to be removed and the work started all over again.

Ask us what is possible regarding color with asphalt. We will be happy to advise you comprehensively here as well!

Paving machines

Everything has to be done quickly during pavement construction so that traffic can flow freely later on. Highways and roads in the valley can be asphalted more quickly than mountain roads: Their surfacing material has to be delivered from a distance and sometimes transferred from the thermal container to dumpers.

The machinery is equipped accordingly:

  • 3 pavers for pavements over 25, 2 smaller ones for pavements over 10 tons
  • 8 rollers from 2 to 12 tons
  • Bobcat washer
  • 2 milling machines

We stay on track, even with major projects

In the cold season, Voweg primarily executes smaller projects or repairs. The temperature dictates what is possible. As soon as it gets warmer, larger construction sites such as highways, roads and parking lots are tackled. On peak days, up to 2000 tons of pavement have already been laid: From preparing to rolling and compacting, the specialists have been at work non-stop for 9 hours. If necessary, the Volken Group also builds at night to avoid disturbing traffic. All road builders are specially equipped for this – with lighting equipment and signaling in compliance with the safety regulations of the police.

A contact person

Whether it be excavation support, shell construction, or scaffolding, a contact person will be there to assist you.

Modern machinery

We use the newest machines and happily take advantage of high tech.

Proven specialists

Whether it be structural or civil engineering, hydraulic engineering or scaffolding, our specialists are masters of their trade.

Contact persons

Theo Schmid

Pavement construction department manager
Member of the Executive Board

+41 79 664 30 59

+41 27 948 05 90

Lindim Jusufi

Technical employee / Foreman pavement construction

+41 79 104 55 66

+41 27 948 05 90