Scaffolding with the Volken Group

For some customers we go up the walls

Our own scaffolds are absolute top products and are used throughout Switzerland - on industrial construction sites, on traffic routes or in power plants, for private customers or events. In addition to classic facade scaffolding, this also includes many special scaffolds for extensive or highly demanding projects - erected by experienced scaffolders - some of them internationally. Let the Volken Group be your scaffolding specialist and benefit from our wide-ranging expertise!

Scaffolding is a matter of trust

Regardless of whether a scaffold is erected for a short period of time or for months, the prerequisite in any case is conscientious and exhaustive preparatory work. The procedure can only be defined and potential problems identified and eliminated once the structure is known in detail. To ensure that all the parts fit together in the end, you need to know right from the start exactly where the construction work will begin. It is therefore important to be aware of the distances from the structure: scaffolding must never be placed too close or too far away. Bridging girders must also be firmly installed to avoid being pulled apart. Here, too, the Volken Group offers all-round reliability.

High scaffolding for the most demanding conditions

There are basically two areas of application for facade scaffolds: They make unfinished buildings accessible from the outside, but also make it possible to renovate, refurbish or repair existing facades with large building surfaces – with exterior insulation and plastering, insulation material and more. According to SUVA, the assembly of a facade scaffold is mandatory above working heights of 3 meters.
Even though construction sites are often bustling with activity, work safety on a facade scaffold must never be neglected. Our scaffolds meet the highest safety standards and thus mitigate the risk of accidents.

Small scaffolds deliver great value for private customers as well

Whether you are painting a facade, working on a roof, gutters or balconies: The flexible scaffolding of the Volken Group adapts to small and large requirements. As a private client, you benefit from quick quotations and our worry-free package: we measure the site, draw up the plan, transport the components on site and take care of assembly and dismantling.

Anything is possible – even the unthinkable

Special scaffolds are always in demand when difficult layouts, nested architectures or increased safety requirements have to be taken into account. This was also the case for a partial renovation of the 35 km long railroad line between Visp and Zermatt. The highly complex project was executed by the Volken Group while the Matterhorn-Gotthard Railway (MGB) continued to operate. The combination of flashing and special scaffolding was anchored directly to the retaining wall. Limited space was available. Nevertheless, the large clearances at the top and the narrow ones at track level all had to be accurate. The challenge posed by the rounded wall and the sloping terrain was solved by a special scaffold design whose height and slope could be precisely adjusted.

Special scaffolding is our area of expertise

Our Scaffolding Department Manager, Ulrich Rüger, is an internationally recognized expert in his field. Before joining the Volken Group, he was in charge of special scaffolding worldwide and in many European countries. He worked in large industrial plants as well as on imposing churches or gigantic bridges. He also managed projects with Rahman Alvandi in Iran and Iraq for us and the German Siemens. Wherever a bridge, area or suspended scaffold has to be erected under difficult conditions, he along with his teams are on site.

Safety & protection for employees & the environment

All Volken Group scaffolds are equipped with proven protection systems. They keep out wind and weather as well as noise and protect passers-by and the surrounding area – for example from falling parts. However, safety is already a top priority during assembly: To ensure that no scaffold can tip to the left or right, each of them is constructed diagonally. In addition, scaffold anchors prevent the scaffold from tipping outwards.

Set the stage for your event!

Open-Air? General Assembly? Opera festival? Open-air performance? Our stages, grandstands and podiums are very popular among event organizers, artists and audiences alike. They fit into halls and tents, but can also be set up outdoors thanks to their weather resistance. The modular construction adapts to any local conditions. Ask for a non-binding offer for your big performance, the Volken Group will do its best to ensure that your event goes off without a hitch.

Large scaffolding stock & flexible partner companies

Even if our warehouse becomes empty at some point: The Volken Group can always provide sufficient scaffolding. On the one hand, we have access to a huge stock of scaffolding. On the other hand, with Layher, the best scaffolding manufacturer in the world, we have an extremely agile partner at our side. Either we receive scaffolding for rent within 2 to 3 days from its branch in Lucerne, or the parent company in Germany delivers what we need in less than a week. If scaffolding has to be manufactured, we can expect it in around 20 working days.

The Layher brand, the Ferrari of scaffolding

The scaffolding systems from Layher, with which the Volken Group works exclusively, are among the absolute best in the world. As one of the largest scaffolding manufacturers, the German company has been manufacturing every single part itself for over 60 years, operates its own galvanizing plant and uses only steel and aluminum from Germany. "Layher also supports us on complex projects. 2, 3 days after I send a hand sketch with my design proposal to the parent company, a plan with exact dimensions follows, which we can also present to the customer. If I have questions about the structure, I turn to another, equally proven partner," Ulrich Rüger continues.

«The team has to fit together just like the framework.»

«I always say: If someone is interested in a job as a scaffolder, it's best to come for two days of trial work. That's when it quickly becomes apparent whether a candidate is born for the job,» says Ulrich Rüger, the scaffolding department manager at the Volken Group. «Only those who are physically fit and mentally alert, do not fear heights and get along very well in a team are really considered. We have to work together and not against each other. That's why we always make sure that people of different nationalities get along with each other.»

Equipped for everything from head to toe

Scaffolding is also a matter of trust. Each employee must be able to rely 100% on the other team members. If you cannot trust the man above you, you are unsafe at work. That is why the Volken Group employs only qualified scaffolders with many years of experience. At the moment, regulations in Switzerland do not yet require certification, but that will change in the future. Also because many people are still not aware that scaffolding from different manufacturers should never be combined for safety reasons. On the construction sites of the Volken Group, this is an absolute no-go.

Specialists who are also generalists

The 18 employees that the Volken Group currently employs in scaffolding construction are all proven specialists. They have not only gained their experience in Switzerland, some of them have also been involved in projects in the Middle East, France or Spain. In order to rule out delays in orders, each of the 6 teams of 3 must have all the work involved under control, including transportation and the warehouse. This is precisely why their foremen undergo continuous training – in specialist technology as well as operation of lifting platforms or forklift trucks. This makes them generalists who can handle any type of scaffolding.


Our work is convincing

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Two apartment buildings with 4.5 and two 5.5 attic room apartments. The apartment houses are situated in a central location. Various shopping facilities, post office, sports field and valley station can be reached in a few minutes.


ARGE Cour de Gare


A new urban quarter is being built in the heart of the city of Sion. This includes a parking garage with 625 parking spaces, a hotel with 100 rooms, a concert and congress hall with 600 seats, 5'800m2 of commercial space, 10'300m2 of office space and 302 apartments. The project covers a site of more than 16'000m2 and is expected to be ready for occupation by the end of 2024.

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