The different types of scaffolding at a glance

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We are your reliable partner for all your scaffolding types and solutions. With our extensive range of high-quality scaffolding systems and our many years of experience, we offer you customized solutions for construction projects of all types and sizes. From traditional scaffolding to modular systems and specialty designs, we are here to help you equip your construction sites safely, efficiently and professionally. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and receive a customized quote.

Emergency roof

Emergency roofs are used when the weather influence is undesirable; be it in new buildings or renovations to keep the building dry or after fire incidents.

Facade lift

Whether new construction, renovation, scaffolding erection or facade work - all materials and people reach the top safely, quickly and without great effort with a construction hoist.

3 pieces 500 - 1`000 kg
3 pieces 1`500 - 2`000 kg

Facade scaffolding

The facade scaffold is used to perform work on structures that are inaccessible or very difficult to access without scaffolding. The scaffold can be used to perform all work on the facade, such as painting and renovation work.

95`000 m²

Roof scaffolding

Suitable for all types of roofs such as gable roof, pent roof and flat roof. The safe and simple solution can be installed on large industrial halls or single family houses.


- The facade does not need to be scaffolded
- Cost-effective and fast order processing
- Easy and fast assembly
- Small space requirement

1600 m RSS system for gable and monopitch roofs
3000 m fall protection for flat roof
350 hm stair towers

Special scaffold

Individual requirements can be met thanks to our special scaffolding solutions. We also provide scaffolding for small footprints, unusual structures or works that are difficult to access.

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