Recycling with Volken Group

Out of love for Valais and the environment

Volken Group places a strong emphasis on preserving natural resources. In Upper Valais, we operate various recycling centres for mineral recycling construction materials such as demolished concrete, old coverings and more. Our subsidiary Recovis operates an eco-farm in Saillon in Lower Valais. Here private citizens can separate their household waste and, on request, have their cellar or attic cleared.

For the sake of our future


Whether it be recycled construction materials or waste of all kinds, Volken Group offers an extensive range of professional waste disposal solutions from one source and recovers


Wood chips for various purposes

Woodchip plant

Our mobile wood chipper chops up even large quantities of materials with lightning speed. Shrubbery, branches and even thick logs are transformed into valuable wood chips


For trade, industry, local communities and private customers

Skip transport

Proper waste disposal is sustainable waste disposal - when decluttering an attic or before a move as well as when tidying up at a company or in the area surrounding a construction


The Volken Group: exactly where you need it

Landfills in Valais

For the Volken Group, one thing is clear: only if a landfill meets the high requirements for environmental compatibility and long-term safety can waste that cannot be recycled


At Volken Group, waste is transformed into recycled construction materials

Disposal solutions

We work with you to develop optimal recycling concepts and, in doing so, help to purposefully reduce and avoid waste. At Volken Group, we have waste disposal solutions for every need


Contact persons

Martin Volken

Member of the management

+41 79 290 58 09

+41 27 948 05 05

Jean-Claude Bregy

Technical Manager / Landfill Type B

079 213 49 87

Herold Biffiger

Head of Production and Raw Materials

+41 79 859 58 17

+41 27 948 05 05