Waste disposal solutions

At Volken Group, waste is transformed into recycled construction materials

We work with you to develop optimal recycling concepts and, in doing so, help to purposefully reduce and avoid waste. At Volken Group, we have waste disposal solutions for every need. Resource-efficient recycling is one of our strengths. When recycling, we respect the cycle of nature. We recover valuable raw materials from the waste of businesses and private households, which are then fed back into the materials cycle.

What can you expect from Volken Group?

Type B local waste disposal site

Our "Chalchofen" waste disposal site in Gampel accepts type B rock-like materials that cannot undergo physical, chemical or biological changes. Only materials that fulfil the Ordinance on the Avoidance and the Disposal of Waste (ADWO) can be accepted and tipped.

Optimal recycling concepts

Our waste disposal sites, recycling sites and recycling centres accept mineral recycling construction materials such as mixed demolition waste, demolished concrete and old covering. We process these materials into recycled construction materials on site. Our recycling centre in Leukerfeld also accepts various forms of waste such as Eternit, waste oil, used tyres, scrap metal, glassware and paper.

Comprehensive logistics

You can either bring the materials to be disposed of to one of our recycling centres in Valais or we will take care of them for you, including transportation.

Benefits with the Volken Group

Our own recycling centres

In these centres, we recycle various materials and feed them back into the cycle.

Practical services

You can either bring your materials to us or sit back and have them delivered to you.

Safe final disposal

We even dispose of type B contaminated materials in an appropriate and safe manner at our waste disposal site in Chalchofen.

Contact persons

Jean-Claude Bregy

Technical Manager / Landfill Type B

079 213 49 87


Herold Biffiger

Head of Production and Raw Materials

+41 79 859 58 17

+41 27 948 05 05