Recycling at Volken Group

For the sake of our future

Whether it be recycled construction materials or waste of all kinds, Volken Group offers an extensive range of professional waste disposal solutions from one source and recovers high-quality recycled construction materials from various materials. We also offer a pick-up service with skips in various sizes and designs to industry, trade and private customers.

Mineral recycling construction materials

Large quantities of mineral waste are created when reconstructing and deconstructing buildings and infrastructure. Accounting for approximately 15 million tonnes of waste per year, recycling construction materials represent Switzerland's second-largest waste fraction. Demolished concrete, mixed demolition waste and scrap bricks from building construction, as well as old covering, are processed into recycled construction materials at our recycling sites. In this way, Volken Group plays a significant role in ensuring that natural resources are conserved.

Baggeraufsatz | Baggermagnet | Volken GroupBaggeraufsatz | Baggermagnet | Volken Group

Baggeraufsatz | Baggermagnet | Volken Group

Scrap metal and iron

Iron is the most-used metal worldwide. That is why it is extremely important and worthwhile to recycle it. Scrap metal can be fed back into the economic cycle over and over again with only small losses. That reduces the negative impact on both the environment and health that occurs when extracting and processing ore. For that reason, during deconstruction work we use magnets as excavator attachments to separate the scrap iron from other materials.

Aushub- und Ausbruchmaterial | Volken GroupAushub- und Ausbruchmaterial | Volken Group

Aushub- und Ausbruchmaterial | Volken Group

Excavated materials

When excavating building foundations or realising infrastructure projects such as tunnels and roads, large quantities of excavated materials are created. These materials mainly consist of rock and soil. This represents by far the largest proportion of waste in Switzerland, accounting for 40 to 60 million tonnes. The vast majority of these materials is uncontaminated. That is why it can either be further processed into secondary construction materials or used for landscape renovations elsewhere. Contaminated materials, on the other hand, are only disposed of at ADWO-compliant waste disposal sites.

Waste disposal sites and recycling centres

Mulde | Altholz | Volken GroupMulde | Altholz | Volken Group

Mulde | Altholz | Volken Group

Scrap wood

When it comes to this valuable and versatile raw material that has been used since time immemorial, the principle that should be followed is "use before burning". Wood waste describes any scrap wood that has already been used or built with. The category of wood waste determines where and how it can be reused. Untreated wood waste, for example, can be used to make chipboard. Problematic wood waste that has been treated with wood preservative or coated with organohalogen compounds need to be taken to a refuse incineration plant or another suitable plant. If you have scrap wood that you would like to dispose of, Volken Group is happy to help.

Asbestos waste

For a long time, asbestos was used in a variety of ways, such as in non-friable Eternit slabs. As it has advantageous properties such as insulation and heat-resistance, asbestos was often used in residential and industrial buildings - in roofs, floors and walls. If materials containing asbestos are handled improperly, a large quantity of small fibres are released. These are poisonous and can attack the respiratory organs. Volken Group can also help you to dispose of this fragile material.

We will dispose of your waste

Nutzen auch Sie unsere massgeschneiderten Konzepte zur Entsorgung: Wir beraten Sie gerne und übernehmen Ihre Abfallprodukte vom Rückbau über den Transport bis hin zur Wiederverwertung. Damit tragen wir gemeinsam dazu bei, wertvolle Ressourcen zu schonen, verantwortungsbewusst einzusetzen und einen massgeblichen Beitrag für eine intakte Umwelt zu leisten.

Waste disposal solutions

Benefits with the Volken Group

Safe final disposal

We even dispose of type B contaminated materials in an appropriate and safe manner at our waste disposal site in Chalchofen.

Practical services

You can either bring your materials to us or sit back and have them delivered to you.

Our own recycling centres

In these centres, we recycle various materials and feed them back into the cycle.

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