Volken Group's wood chip plant

Wood chips for various purposes

Our mobile wood chipper chops up even large quantities of materials with lightning speed. Shrubbery, branches and even thick logs are transformed into valuable wood chips in a single step. That also makes them a coveted raw material for new wood products, heating or outdoor surfaces. We also have a shredder plant for composting.

Mobile, flexible & in action everywhere

The plant is mounted on a trailer and can be quickly and easily transported. In this way, wood chippings can be produced on site. The crane on the lorry lifts the material to be chopped with its timber grabbers and transports it to the wood chipper. Measuring in at 100 x 60 cm, it is powerful enough to shred even massive quantities without stopping.

Small materials are lighter, including when it comes to transportation

Large volumes of wood with massive logs are bulky and extremely heavy. Once they have been transformed into wood chips of 45 to 65 mm, they are much easier, more comfortable and lighter to transport, including in practical skips.

Wood chips are evergreen

In the woodworking industry, wood chips are used to make, for example, press boards and wood-fibre insulation boards. At Volken Group, these small materials are primarily used as fuel for cogeneration plants, as wood chips are an inexpensive alternative to wood pellets and can be used to heat large multi-family houses and commercial buildings. They are also commonly seen in gardens, on pathways and in playgrounds - as surfacing or a design feature.

Our skips are open to many things

In one operation, piles of wood chips leave the ejection chute and land in skips that can hold up to 40 cubic metres of material. The tried and tested, flexible containers can also be tilted and opened, so that the wood chips can be unloaded in the desired spot.

Benefits with the Volken Group

Our own recycling centres

In these centres, we recycle various materials and feed them back into the cycle.

Safe final disposal

We even dispose of type B contaminated materials in an appropriate and safe manner at our waste disposal site in Chalchofen.

Practical services

You can either bring your materials to us or sit back and have them delivered to you.