“Gardens & Public Spaces Valais” 2024 award ceremony: Kastanienhof in Bitsch wins first prize

The Jardin Suisse Valais association awarded the “Gardens & Public Spaces Valais” prize yesterday, June 7, 2024. This award is presented every two years to outstanding projects in the field of gardening and landscaping. Under the chairmanship of the cantonal architect, the jury selected the “Kastanienhof” project in Bitsch as the winner of the first prize.
The “Kastanienhof” project, planned and implemented by Guler Gartenbau on behalf of the Volken Group, impressed the jury with its natural design and harmonious integration into the surroundings. The native perennial planting and the use of native shrubs such as downy oaks, rock pears, ornamental cherries and fruit trees were particularly highlighted. These plants create a tranquil, green open space that invites you to linger and relax. The inner courtyard of the Kastanienhof impresses with its majestic chestnut trees, courtyard trees and oaks, which together create an inviting place to feel good. This well thought-out interplay of plants and interior design impressively demonstrates how natural design can contribute to the quality of life in a public space.
The award ceremony thus not only recognizes the creative and meticulous work of Guler Gartenbau and the Volken Group, but also sets an example for sustainable and environmentally conscious design in Valais. Congratulations to everyone involved on this success.

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