Every construction site teaches me something new: Apprentice bricklayer Almir Tairi.

In his first year of apprenticeship, Almir is working on the route of the A9 freeway in Raron. For him, it's clear why he started his apprenticeship as an EFZ bricklayer with the Volken Group this summer: "I like my job because it's pure craftsmanship and, what's more, it's very exciting. A bricklayer really has to be able to do a lot of things and be familiar with many materials. Every construction project is different, which I really like!" Indeed, masons are versatile professionals. They build houses and commercial buildings, work in road and tunnel construction, and help with renovations and refurbishments or deconstruction. All in all, an apprenticeship at the Volken Group is very varied: you can lend a hand from day one and gain experience in a wide range of areas during the three years of your apprenticeship. 
We wish Almir continued enjoyment and well-deserved success in his job!
Would you also like to enter the construction industry and complete an apprenticeship as a bricklayer? Apply now at the Volken Group, we are looking forward to it!


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