A pilot project at altitude: rehabilitation forest road

Wind and weather also leave their mark on mountain roads. That's why experts from the Volken Group, together with a team from the Voweg company, are currently rehabilitating and expanding the forest road and the one-sided sweeping area at Grimselboden. They are replacing seven existing cross channels with ten new ones and removing 630 m3 of organic cofferdam material, they are creating 1700 m2 of rough grading, laying 1700 m2 of geotextile and excavating 520 m of pointed trench. The special feature of this pilot project is that the 650 cubic meters of backfill material required for this purpose are processed directly at the Engi excavation site. This is done with a mobile crushing machine, which also does the screening and produces the material in compliance with the standards. As soon as the cover material is also interspersed with lime and moistened, trucks transport all the construction materials to the site, where they are then installed, leveled and compacted. 
Do you also have a forest road that should be rehabilitated? No terrain is too rough or too steep for our road builders.


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