A road gets a new shape: Resurfacing in Mörel-Filet.

It will soon be finished, the rehabilitation of the road section at the crossing of the Matterhorn Gotthard Railway in Mörel-Filet. The job on the cantonal road is being carried out by Voweg AG, a partner company of the Volken Group and Weibel AG. As a basis for the pavement, the experienced road builders are first laying a fine leveling course to level out the rough leveling. This is to be topped by an eight-centimeter thick base course. This has a load-bearing function and is produced in a hot mix process, laid hot and compacted with a roller. The work is completed with a binder course, which smoothes out irregularities and is also the surface course. To ensure that this project also runs smoothly, five trucks are used to deliver the mix in several loads.
Do you also have a road to rehabilitate? Our specialists will be happy to give you their best, even for short sections.


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