Almost as demanding as surgery: preparatory work at Brig Hospital

When you're in hospital, you need peace and quiet - even if you're demolishing buildings, excavating earth, building roads and parking lots, or laying new pipes in the neighborhood. That's why the Volken Group is almost a doctor when it comes to the preparatory work for the hospital in Brig. For this, the experienced teams use demolition and pneu excavators, dumpers, a large roller and other equipment. Only in this way is it possible to demolish around 1400 m3 of old building fabric with materials of various types and to excavate 15000 m3 of soil for the parking lot, for which a retaining wall is also being built. In addition, there will be various works for roads and parking spaces, around 2500 m of new service lines and around 60 new manholes. In addition to the Volken Group, VOWEG is also involved here as a subcontractor for the pavements and Zehnder Haustechnik for sanitary work. Ultimately, this is the project "A hospital in the Upper Valais" - realized in stages over a period of years and always geared towards sustainable, patient-friendly and future-oriented planning and construction.

Benefits with the Volken Group

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We are an owner-managed family business in its second generation. We have short decision-making processes and prioritise communication on an equal footing.

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