Before avalanches and debris flows come the protection from them.

The two villages of Blitzingen and Grafschaft are also exposed to the whims of nature. For this reason, the Volken Group is currently building an earth-reinforced protective dam against avalanches and debris flows at Hilperschbach on behalf of the municipality of Goms. The dam consists of around 3500 cubic meters of solid earth material. In order to be able to work quickly, a new road to the construction site first had to be leveled - with a slope of up to 33%, great precision and caution were required. Now, the retaining structure is being built on a horizontal, well-compacted subgrade - exactly according to the instructions of the system supplier SYTECH. The project is finished with embankments of wet seed and site-appropriate seed mix. All in all, a demanding construction site, because work has to be paused during heavy rain - a challenge for the Volken Group, but not an obstacle.
Would you also like to protect yourself against the forces of nature? We are happy to support you!


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