Clean disposal of contaminated sites: asbestos removal

Even small buildings can conceal large quantities of asbestos, as in the old "Ze Warme Brunnu" shed in Bitsch. Here, the Volken Group dismantled the roof with around 75 m2 of asbestos-containing corrugated iron sheets. At the same time, the asbestos-containing window putty was removed. The contaminated panels were properly disposed of in the company's own inert materials landfill, while Recovis, a subsidiary of the Volken Group, took care of the joint putty. Although the work of the pollutant specialists was completed in two days, it was a laborious job because special protective equipment had to be worn for safety. After the delicate contaminants had been removed, the old shed was dismantled. The Volken Group will soon be building a residential complex on its site.

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