Clear the way for pedestrians and traffic: Supra 4002 snow blower.

"My favorite thing is to be out very early to clear sidewalks and streets. It's quiet in Reckingen, many people are still asleep," enthuses Tristan Garbely. He has recently been piloting the Volken Group's latest snow blower, a top modern Supra 4002 from Aebi Schmidt AG, supplied by specialist dealer Pascal Florey GmbH. "Every shift is different, the amount of snow and snow conditions are constantly changing, which requires a good eye and great concentration." The all-wheel drive, articulated and self-propelled blower with a powerful 488hp engine has it all: it clears snow as accurately as it does quickly, offers stepless throwing distances of up to 40m and a comfortable operator's cab. With an hourly output of 350m3 of snow per hour and a clearing width of 2.4m, it is also used for clearing the Nufenen Pass in spring.
Is snow clearing also an issue for you? If necessary, our winter service is on duty day and night.

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