Everything runs according to schedule: MGBahn depot expansion

In a tight space and under strict deadlines, the final works for the track field and the new crane hall are in full swing. At the moment, the Volken Group is building the masonry and backfilling of the workshop, where MGB trains will be repaired and maintained in the future. In addition to various small machines, a rail-compatible two-way excavator is also in use. To ensure safety near the tracks at all times, a sophisticated infrastructure is needed on the one hand. On the other hand, the construction workers receive specific training from MB Rail Power's safety experts.

Benefits with the Volken Group

Traditional family business

We are an owner-managed family business in its second generation. We have short decision-making processes and prioritise communication on an equal footing.

Safety first

We have well-established safety measures in place to protect our employees and the environment.

Effective networks

We maintain strong relationships with partners, suppliers and customers.