For something new, you have to make tracks in advance: Total rebuild of MGB Mattsand 1/2.

As beautiful as dreamlike railroad lines are: Even they wear out, as the 1200 m long Mattsand section of the MGB between St. Niklaus and Herbriggen shows. Until May 2024, the superstructure and substructure at this crossing point must be renewed in stages. Last June, track construction specialists from the Volken Group began preparatory work - partly at night and during a total closure. They installed the construction site installations and demolished the stub track including ramp. After that, ballast and substructure were excavated, the cable system with around 50 shafts and the drainage system were renewed, and artificial structures such as natural stone walls were built. The construction workers were under constant time pressure, had to brave all weathers and the track and crawler excavators had only limited space. In the end, however, everything went according to schedule and the first stage was completed.
Do you also operate a rail network? The railroad and track builders of the Volken Group will be happy to support you with new construction, maintenance and more. 

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