I'm in my element on the construction site: apprentice bricklayer Ali Hayo.


If you want to learn to be a bricklayer, you have two options. The path to becoming an EBA (Federal Vocational Certificate) construction trainee takes two years and is primarily practical. It is possible to start in the 2nd year of basic training. Ali Hayo, who started his apprenticeship as a bricklayer at the Volken Group in the summer, also opted for this. "I chose this profession because I enjoy being a craftsman and I like working on construction sites." The second path is an apprenticeship with an EFZ (Swiss Federal Certificate of Proficiency). For bricklayers, it lasts three years, and you attend vocational school more often. Whatever a young person chooses: After completing the apprenticeship, the same further training courses are open to all bricklayers. Whether Ali remains a bricklayer, becomes a foreman or advances to become a foreman or even further is up to him. 
In any case, we wish him every success! Would you also like to enter the construction industry and complete an apprenticeship as a bricklayer? Apply now at the Volken Group, we are looking forward to it!


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