It beats them all hands down: our new Scania R500.

"Even as a little boy, I dreamed of becoming a chauffeur. I'm passionate about being behind the wheel and enjoy the freedom of being on the road," says Hermi Gruber, who recently started driving the Volken Group's new Scania R500. His wildest dreams have come true with this semitrailer truck, complete with interchangeable semitrailer. With 500 hp, the truck from Garage B. Studer in Raron is not only as strong as an ox. Its 12-speed automatic transmission and two creeper gears are also perfect for Valais mountain roads. And should it ever go a little further, the GPS-controlled navigation system is just as helpful as the modern sleeping cabin and air conditioning.

Benefits with the Volken Group

Safety first

We have well-established safety measures in place to protect our employees and the environment.

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