Lead-free as a target: renovation of Lisnera shooting range.

Certain sports leave dangerous traces - sometimes over decades. For example, the ground near the bullet trap of the Lisnera shooting range is in part heavily contaminated with lead and must be remediated. Here, the experts of the Volken Group are taking over the professional removal and legally compliant disposal of the contaminated earth material at three locations: An excavation of around 120 m3 is disposed of in the company's own type B Chalchofen inert material landfill, 150 t of soil goes to an external type E reactor landfill, and a soil washing plant cleans around 70 t of soil. The delicate work is carried out with a walking excavator, an 8-ton excavator and a mule.
Is pollutant cleanup also an issue in your area? The specialists of the Volken Group make up ground everywhere.

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