Luxurious is also the view: Lotissement la Dégère Chalet Nica

As noble as this noble chalet will present itself, as challenging is its construction. Since the terrain slopes steeply and the space is very limited, the specialists of the Volken Group carried out various preliminary works. First, they built a ramp for transporting the excavated material, then a concrete base of around 30 m3 for the crane and its 43 m jib. This is the only way to place the dark and later visible special concretes from the Arvel quarry. The earthworks for 2350 m3 of material were carried out by a 20-ton crawler excavator with GPS. A walking excavator with drilling rig was used for the special work. It drilled the holes for the permanent nail wall of 650 m2 with 190 anchors and excavated the trenches of the underground pipes. The chalet itself is being built with formwork of 4,345 m2 entirely of 830 m3 of concrete and 111 t of steel. An extremely demanding project in which the Volken Group cooperated with two companies: Lourejoints SA Sierre and Sprengtechnik GFS St.-Niklaus.
If you are also planning a project under demanding conditions, the Volken Group is happy to be on site, for both small and large projects.


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