Natural building material: Fieschertal gravel and concrete plant.

It produces Valais building materials, has grown steadily since 1970 and has been continuously expanded: the oldest plant of its kind in the Volken Group helped establish the company as a producer of high-quality concrete aggregates and ready-mix concrete. "Today we sell aggregates and mortar, gravel sand, stones and humus," says plant manager Thomas Schmidt, who has worked here for more than 10 years. "In the past, everything was mechanical. A lot was done by hand, even weighing the individual components. In the meantime, more and more work steps have been fully or partially digitalized - from the control of the concrete plant to the input of concrete formulations and quality control. I like to learn, and if I have questions, someone at our plant always knows." 
If you also have a need for first-class, natural building material, we will be happy to be your supplier - also with products from the other plants in our group.


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