New construction of cantonal road Mörel-Filet

In Mörel, a 200-meter long section of road is being rebuilt. The existing road structure, including the sidewalk, is being dismantled and rebuilt from scratch. New retaining walls are being built over a length of more than 160 meters. The construction work is being carried out while traffic is still moving. In summer in particular, the road will be subject to heavy traffic. Since the construction site is also directly adjacent to the MGB railroad crossing, the construction work will be supervised by a safety guard. The one-way section of the road passes over the level crossing, which is why the traffic light system has been linked to the system from the level crossing. In addition to the safety precautions, the construction site logistics are also challenging due to extremely tight space conditions. As there is no transhipment point, the road has to be closed to traffic for a short time for the loading and unloading of construction materials. The work will now continue throughout the summer and will be completed in November of this year.


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