New vehicle in the fleet of the Volken Group

Last week our driver Urs Meichtry could take delivery of his new truck, the Scania R500 XT 8x4 with triple axle, at Garage B. Studer AG in Raron. 
The Scania XT-series convinces with a modern equipment of the driver's cab and with powerful engines, which are perfectly suitable for the mountain roads in Valais. The Scania R500 is equipped with a so-called CONICBOX from the manufacturer Moser. Thanks to an optimized tipping geometry, the Moser CONICBOX can be used for material handling in dumpers, concrete buckets and asphalt pavers. For loading, the Moser CONICBOX can be opened hydraulically by remote control. The box is fully insulated and ensures that the asphalt remains at the desired paving temperature for several hours.
We wish Urs much pleasure with the new truck and look forward to being able to carry out transports for our customers with the Scania R500 XT to their complete satisfaction in the future.



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