No two days are the same: Apprentice bricklayer Lennox Kalz.

"Why am I learning to be a bricklayer? I like the work as a craftsman, also because in the evening you can see what you have achieved. What's more, my team and I get along very well. We're there for each other and help each other out. And finally, I appreciate working with different materials and machines. That challenges me every day," says Lennox Kalz, who is in his first year of apprenticeship as an EFZ bricklayer at the Volken Group.
Indeed, bricklayers are versatile professionals and have to bring a lot to the table to master their apprenticeship. In addition to good performance in mathematics, they also need manual dexterity, practical understanding and spatial awareness. In addition, they should be healthy, strong and agile, as well as free from giddiness and weatherproof. 
We wish Lennox only the best and continue to enjoy his work.


Benefits with the Volken Group

Traditional family business

We are an owner-managed family business in its second generation. We have short decision-making processes and prioritise communication on an equal footing.

Open to innovation

Everyone plays a part in our company. For us, new ideas drive progress.

Safety first

We have well-established safety measures in place to protect our employees and the environment.