One lane as an interim solution for the A9: Furabrücke bypass.

Since the summer of 2021, the Furabrücke on the south side of the A9 has only limited traffic. The reason for this is damage from road salt. Until the end of November, the Volken Group, together with the companies Clausen Kran and Voweg AG, constructed an auxiliary bridge. Their single-lane roadway will take over traffic until the bridge is replaced. The two proven abutments, built in cast-in-place concrete, are already in place. The 14-ton bridge sections have been lifted and moved using a truck-mounted crane. As soon as the guard rails had been installed, the Voweg AG team installed the pavement of the two access roads. All in all, a challenging job: traffic is rolling non-stop, space is tight and the weather is uncertain.
Do you also need a bridging solution around a road or civil engineering project? The Volken Group knows how to go about it.

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