Our scaffolds help: Renovation of the Casermetta Tunnel Simplon South.

Above Gondo, a large section of the A9 will be repaired from 2022 to 2026. In order to implement this project at all, large scaffolds are required, among other things, which will be erected by the Volken Group over a period of around four months. Various systems from Layher are in use, including bracket and suspended scaffolding, modular scaffolding and facade scaffolding. In addition, there is the Layher Allround system to construct the temporary detour of the Napoleon hiking trail, the Layher Flexbeam surface scaffolding system under the bridge, and the Layher SpeedyScaf system for the gallery and the stairways. All the scaffolds together weigh around 70 t and cover an area of 3000 m2. We would like to thank ARGE Casermetta (Interalp AG, Frutiger AG) for the order. 
Are you also planning to use a large or small scaffold? Our scaffolders will be happy to help you implement the project.


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