Over 30 years on the road: retirement Felix Schmidhalter

"I've always felt comfortable behind the wheel of my Scania 3-axle truck - even though traffic has increased in recent years and road conditions have not always been ideal. Now I'm shifting down a gear," says the newly retired Felix Schmidhalter. "I drove for the cement works for 25 years and spent the last 6 years on the road for the Volken Group. I was very pleased with the appreciation that I experienced." The Volken Group would like to thank Felix for his loyalty and reliability and wishes him a good journey through life.

Benefits with the Volken Group

Open to different cultures

Our teams consist of people from all over the world who work hand in hand with one another.

Safety first

We have well-established safety measures in place to protect our employees and the environment.

Traditional family business

We are an owner-managed family business in its second generation. We have short decision-making processes and prioritise communication on an equal footing.