Safety at every level: renovation of the Alpjengalerie Gondo

The building is getting on in years and needs to be extensively renovated. An extremely challenging task, as the gallery is difficult to access. This is another reason why the Volken Group focused on the safety of people and materials right from the planning stage of the scaffolding: the construction site of the Federal Roads Office FEDRO was measured in 3D using a laser drone and the statics were meticulously calculated before the safety assembly concept was drawn up. A crane lifted the scaffolding components, including the platform, tools and containers for the employees, into the gorge. The project also had to take factors such as erosion, unstable soil, proximity to water and environmental protection measures into account.

Benefits with the Volken Group

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Everyone plays a part in our company. For us, new ideas drive progress.

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We are an owner-managed family business in its second generation. We have short decision-making processes and prioritise communication on an equal footing.

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