Scaffolding Chalet Lärchenheim

Chalet Lärchenheim in Zermatt is situated on a hill near the forest, which gives the chalet an excellent view of the Matterhorn and the village. However, the access road does not lead up to the house. Therefore, the material for the scaffolding was flown to the front of the house by an Air Zermatt helicopter. With only 7 rotations, the entire scaffolding needed for the roof renovation of the chalet could be brought on site.
Immediately after the transport, the first layer of the scaffolding was erected. Here, care must be taken to ensure that the distance to the building and the alignment of the scaffolding are exactly right. The upper levels of the scaffold can then be erected quickly. Our experienced team needed 2 days for the entire scaffolding. Now nothing stands in the way of the roof renovation of Chalet Lärchenheim and the workers can carry out their work on the roof safely and in accordance with applicable SUVA regulations. 
Many thanks to the client and thanks also to Air Zermatt for the excellent cooperation.

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