So that there is no shortage of water: New reservoir

The Volken Group is currently working on the excavation for a new water reservoir near Zermatt. The structural work should be completed by the end of October 2024, and the reservoir should be finished and filled by the fall of 2025. In order to build the water reservoir, 9500 m3 of rock will have to be excavated. The excavation will take place in the immediate vicinity of buildings. In the process, the specialists drill holes in the rock with special equipment. These are fitted with explosive charges and blasted in a controlled manner under the highest safety precautions. The fragments of 9500 m3 of rock are loaded onto a large dumper with a capacity of 24 m3 using a 33-tonne large excavator and transported away via an auxiliary bridge. The project is being realized in a consortium together with E. Lauber & Sohn Hoch- & Tiefbau AG.

Benefits with the Volken Group

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