Taming future floods: Baltschiederbach bedload barrier.

Work began in May 2021 and will be completed in the fall of 2023: The Volken Group is building a gigantic flood protection project in the Baltschiederbach - together with the companies Rodio and Valjetting. The middle barrier was already completed last September. It includes a desander and the detour of the stream to its original course. In addition to 1300 tons of steel for reinforcement and 100 tons for installation, 19000 m3 of facing and mass concrete and 18 m3 of ultra-high-strength concrete will be used. A revolving tower crane, various large excavators, large dumpers and a walking excavator with drilling mast are being used to place these materials. This is a challenging construction site, as walls are being erected at a height of 20 m and with an inclination of up to 30 degrees, so that a climbing formwork is being used. In addition, the water supply for the municipality and the Baltschieder fish farm must be ensured during the 1.5-year stream diversion.

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