The new A9 exit has the right of way: pipeline construction Basperstrasse Raron.

In future, it will be possible to exit the A9 at Raron coming from Visp - directly via the Raron Covered Cut (GERA). Even before this road is built, the Volken Group is constructing various works and water pipes to make it accessible. For this, around 2500 m3 of soil must be removed, 4000 m3 excavated and nine control and cable shafts constructed. This will be followed by around 4,500 m of pump and pressure lines, 12,000 m of cable protection pipes and 1,000 m3 of sand encasement. Our civil engineering specialists are using two large crawler excavators and a large dump truck for this. To ensure that the employees of Bregy Haustechik AG, Schneider-Bregy und Partner AG and Voweg AG can also get to work safely and undisturbed, the runway of the Raron airfield will be temporarily closed to air traffic.
Are you also planning preliminary work for a development? Our civil engineering department is happy to forge ahead and pave the way for something new. 

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