The witches are out of their minds: Tent buildings Blatten/Belalp.

Modern witches don't ride their brooms, they get on the boards - also in the Valais. For the 41st time, Belalp celebrates its witches with a big ski run and various events. For these festive occasions, the Eventa AG of the Volken Group and numerous helpers of the Belalp Witches set up suitable tents. Two of them in Blatten village for about 1600 people. The large tent with 100 m2 of stage area is 35 m long and 25 m wide, the smaller one for the kitchen and bar extension is the same length and 6 m wide. Here, on January 13, people dance around the pyre and distribute the victory prizes the day after. In the skiing area of Belalp, already on January 7, about 200 big and small guests took part in the award ceremony of the Mini-Maxi-Witch. In a 200 m2 tent, where next Saturday the witch party will continue.
Are you also planning a celebration, a party or even an open-air? Our tent builders will be happy to set up the appropriate tent including furniture for you on site. 

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