This is the design people go for: CT underlay flooring.

In the end, a 65 m2 area should be beautifully colored black and bring a natural appearance: Our floor specialists were happy to fulfill this wish for a single-family house on Bammattenweg in Naters. No easy task, because installing a CT underlay requires a great deal of experience, a lot of skill and special grinding machines. In order to achieve an optimal appearance, the floor has to be reworked several times by hand and machine after installation on the same day - even before it hardens. To give it its natural appearance as a homogeneous final surface, it must not be sanded to the grain. For this reason, it is not finished and sealed until three to four weeks after hardening in further, precisely coordinated sanding processes.
Are you also looking for an individual design underlay? Our specialists can fulfill almost any wish.

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