Up for almost anything: our new Scania R500 XT.

"Roads are my world, which is why I love being on the road every day. No matter whether I'm bringing steel fiber concrete to an alp, delivering gravel across the highway, or maneuvering the agile 3-axle truck through narrow villages," says Manuel Jost, who has recently been sitting in "his" new Scania R500 XT 6x4. The truck is also versatile: as a dump truck, it transports materials of all kinds; as a mixer, it is open for gravel or concrete with different consistencies. This is made possible by the quick-change system. To ensure that the husky truck also looks good, Manuel attaches great importance to cleaning and maintenance. We wish him many interesting hours in the cockpit and an accident-free journey at all times - even in wintry conditions.


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