Water for tomorrow and the day after: Ring pipeline Äbnet - z'Matt

In the end, the drinking water pipeline will be "only" 350 m long, but the way there is arduous. A real challenge for the civil engineering specialists of the Volken Group, who are digging a 1.2 m deep trench in the up to 70o steep terrain, refilling it with 800 m3 of earth and having about 20 m3 of concrete flown in by helicopter. The ground conditions are not without their challenges either: the water pipes with a diameter of 15 cm cross meadowland, road fills and rock bands. Here, a walking excavator from Menzi Muck provides valuable assistance. It removes a total of 100 m3 of soil, excavates 500 m3 of earth and clears around 300 m3 of rock out of the way. The most stringent protective measures apply here. Because a hiking trail and the cantonal road lie below the pipeline, no boulders are allowed to break loose that could thunder down into the depths.
Do you also have to lay pipelines in impassable or steep terrain? Our experienced civil engineers will always find a feasible way.

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